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Happy Chinese New Year ! 新年快楽

Happy Chinese New Year ! 新年快楽! There are many fun events in Hakone area in the period of Chinese New Year holidays. Also, you can not miss the discounted Hakone Free Pass now !!! This is the condition of discounted Hakone Free Pass as following.

1. Usable period: January 20 (Mon.) – February 28 (Fri.) ,2014

2. Fare: The regular price of 5,000 yen is discounted to 4,100 yen for adults from Shinjuku Station (valid for two days)

3. Purchase location: Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center, Shinjuku. The freepasses are not sold in the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center, Odawara.

* You must display a non-Japanese passport

Please check the detail of Chinese New Year Campaign in the following link.

Hakone|2014 Chinese New Year Campaign:


Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu festival on 3rd of November ! 11/3は箱根大名行列です

“Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu” festival will be held in this coming Sunday, November 03, 2013.

What’s “Daimyo Gyoretsu” ?

An annual tourist event held on Culture Day (a national holiday), November 3rd, at Yumoto Onsen, Hakone. A procession of a total of 170 people dressed up as samurai warriors and princesses parades over a distance of some 6 km in the hot spring town.

Why don’t you come to Hakone Yumoto to enjoy an atmosphere of the Edo era ?

For details, please check the following link.

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Children’s Day festival (Kintoki matsuri)

Kintoki matsuri (a local festival in Sengokuhara, Hakone) is held on 5th of May, children’s day. 5th of May, children’s day is national holiday in Japan. This day is celebrated in order to wish children’s health and their happiness. In Kitoki matsuri, you can enjoy some performances, foot race and Sumo game by children. Also, a traditional lion dance will be performed by a performer wearing a lion mask. Food stands are also there. You can go to the following website to see photo of Kintoki matsuri. (Date) 5th of May, 2013 9:30 – 15:00 (Place) At Kintoki jinja (shrine) (Access) 30 minutes walk from our guest house 5 minutes by bus from our nearest bus stop



東京・新宿と、箱根を直通で走る、小田急箱根高速バス は、当館の最寄りのバス停『仙郷楼前』にも止まります。







EVANGELION bus ticket

Up to 16th of May 2013, you can purchase EVANGELION special designed bus ticket at Shinjuku station.

There is Odakyu Hakone highway bus connecting Shinjuku (Tokyo) to Hakone directly.

Hakone is the place where the story of EVANGELION located.

Our guest house is located in ” TOKYO-Ⅲ ” which is main area in the story of EVANGELION.

You can take that highway bus from Shinjuku to Senkyoro-mae which is our nearest bus stop.

It takes around 2 hours, the normal ticket fee is 1,850 yen for one way.
EVANGELION design ticket is 1,950 yen since you also can get specially made Hakone map which is also EVANGELION design.


Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu parade (November 03, 2012)

Hakone Daimyo Gryoretsu parade will be held on November 03. Many people dressed up as Samurai or princess walk on the road in Hakone Yumoto.
You can check the detail in the following website !

The festival shouts of ‘Down! Down! The Lord comes!’ echoing in the hot spring town under the autumn sky

Also, you can see some photos of the parade in the following link.

HAKONE-ZENZAN National Park Hakone (Japanese only)

We’re waiting for your visiting HAKONE 🙂