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Volcanic activity in Hakone / 箱根山の火山活動について

Dear all our guests and friends,

Hello from Hakone!

As for the volcanic activity in Hakone, the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) raised the volcano alert, from level 1 to level 2, for the Oowakudani Park of Mount Hakone.

This action is effective only for a 300-meter radius around the Oowakudani volcano vent, not expanded to the other area included Sengokuhara where Our Guest House located.

We are living here normally and safely without any problems.

Hakone Tourism Association will update the information about this volcanic activity on their website as below.

*Hakone Portal website / Hakone Tourism Association

We wish all our guest stay with us and enjoy the fresh green and flowers in Hakone, while carefully watching the information from the local government and agencies.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Hakone!




*箱根全山 / 箱根町観光協会

*箱根町ホームページ 総合案内





Belated Happy Birthday!!

English couple came here for his birthday weekend! They live in Tokyo working as English teachers. This is their first time coming to Hakone. Have a wonderful year ahead!!

イギリス人のカップルご来館!彼のバースディで箱根観光に訪れました。 彼らは東京で英語の先生をしているようですが、箱根に来たのは初めてとのことです。 素敵な一年になりますように!!


Bon anniversaire!!!

The nice family coming from France, are traveling Japan, Beijin, Hong kong, Tahiti, Australia and US for 2months in total. That day was the youngest little lady’s 5th birthday so we presented a birthday card and some small gifts to her. She was so happy with our gift and she kissed on our cheek! We are looking forward to seeing you again someday! Bon voyage!

大きくなったらまた日本に来てねー!Bon voyage!

Bamboo shoot

We found three bamboo shoots in the back garden of our Guesthouse!! It looks like a family, so cute!!
Usually, we got so many bamboo shoots in May but most of bamboo shoots were taken by the wild boars in this year!! Oh my God!!
Next year, we have to revenge!!!!!
Could anyone help us??