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Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Grazie! Arigatou!!

A mother and son from Brussels stayed with us for 2 nights. Mother can speak English, French, Spanish and Italian! So smart! The son studies Japanese by himself. His Japanease is very polite.

Mother wore a Kimono and Irouchikake (Japanese wedding dress). It was so beautiful!

Unfortunately, they could not see Mt.Fuji while staying here, but next time for sure! Winter is the best season to see Mt.Fuji! Please come back again!



Talking about “Momiji” song もみじの歌について♪

Guests from Brazil. The lady is a singer. She was inspired by some Japanese songs when they listened to guitar performance on the other day in Magome.
One is the song of “Momiji” . “Momiji” is the song describes the beauty of autumn season’s scenery in Japan. (Momiji means leaves changing colors in autumn)
It’s very famous song in Japan because most people learn this song at music class in the elementary school in Japan !
She loves this song so much. She is trying to learn to sing it in Japanese.
I’m looking forward to listening to her “Momiji” on YouTube someday in future 🙂


歌詞の意味を説明すると、「まあ、なんて素敵なの〜」と感激していらっしゃいました(^^) 綺麗な情景が目に浮かびますよね。



Brazil !


The guests from Brazil gave me works of bird 😀 Kawaii !! The capital is Brasilia and they speak Portuguese. Someday I want to go there 🙂 Rumi