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Aussie Ninja and Kimono princess : )

Wonderful families from Australia stayed with us for 2 nights.

Two young ladies enjoyed wearing Ninja costume and Kimono together with baby Ninja! 

They also enjoyed playing Kendama. It was so fun! 

Baby ninja is looking forward to seeing you all again!!





Origami, Kendama, Ninja & Music night!!

We had great time with our guests folding paper cranes, performing KENDAMA, dressing as Ninja, and having a music talent show!! They are from the tour called “Travel for Teens” and came from Canada, Ecuador and the USA. Loved their sweet bright smiles!! We are looking forward to seeing you all once again (^_^)//

今回で4回目のご宿泊である「Travel for Teens」という高校生の団体ご一行様と、折り紙、剣玉、忍者(笑)、そして音楽を楽しみました。カナダ、エクアドル、アメリカからの高校生は、日本の文化に興味深々!愛らしいたくさんの笑顔にスタッフ一同癒やされました。またいつの日か会える日を楽しみにしています(^_^)//

Love & Peace!!

Origami lesson!!


Good smiles!!

Great music!!

Kendama & Guiter!!

Dressing as tea girls!! So cute!!