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American family!

American family came our guest house!When they checked out, they gave us gift.

It’s hand made chocolate and soap!

We are very surprised the father can make chocolate, he is a very nice craftsman:)

Thank you for your gifts and thank you very much for your stay!

If you come Japan, please stay with us!









american family

206 cm !

Guests from America 🙂 They are very friendly. One of them, he is the tallest guest I’ve ever met here !
I’m 171 centimeters tall and he is 206 centimeters tall. Talking to a person who is 35 cm taller than me is very very rare experience for me 🙂 Hahaha

Everywhere in the house (Japanese style one), he has to stoop his head but it seems he already got used to it !

Thank you for staying with us. Have a wonderful trip in Japan !






Season of KAKI 柿の季節♪

さて、この季節に美味しいのが柿ですね!私は今朝、甘〜く熟した柔らかい柿をたくさんいただきました(^^) 免疫力アップ!に良いそうですよ。



16世紀ごろにポルトガル人が日本からヨーロッパに柿を持って帰り、広まったようです。なんと、欧米でも KAKI という日本語発音そのままの名前で売られているんだそうですよ!


Have you ever tried KAKI which is Japanese fruit ?

It’s also called Japanese persimmon in English, but usually it’s called KAKI which is same as Japanese pronoun citation in many countries in Europe and America.

It’s said that some Portuguese brought KAKI to Europe from Japan in 16th century so the name of KAKI still remains even now in foreign countries.

KAKI is representative fruit in autumn season in Japan.
I ate ripe sweet KAKI in this morning. It was so delicious !! Ripe Kaki improves body’s immune system. In Japan, we say “Eating Kaki keeps the doctor away” !

Chilly winter is around the corner. Eating Kaki is good for not catching a cold, I think 🙂

Also we use some of KAKI as a decoration as a photo shows !


Very friendly guests from Hollywood :)

We enjoyed talking to very very friendly guests from Hollywood, America !!
Talking to them made us feel so happy 🙂
Laito (our dog) kissed the beautiful lady and he looked so happy. (His tail was wagging ! Hahaha)

We hope to see you again next time !
Hopefully in 2020 Olympic in Tokyo 😀

Arigato gozaimasu !!
Thank you so much for your staying !!


Great time with students from America !

We had a really good time with students group from America !

Some of them left such a warm and heartful message. We’re so touched … !

Also, we got such a cute chocolate gift !
I love this design of the package.
” Nice to sweet you ”
That sounds really cute 🙂

Thank you so much for staying with us.
Hope to see all of you again in future !

“Hot springs” talks with an American guest

Today I enjoyed talking to an American guest who lives in Japan.
It was the second time for him to stay at the hotel I work in, he told me he really liked our place, especially the “hot spring”.
He is a big fan of the hot springs in Japan, having ever tried many hot springs so far.
He loved our hot spring because it is a natural sulfer spring and a turbid hot spring.
He talked to me about how great and how comfortable it was.
I also told him how valuable it is to enjoy such a good hot spring privately at a reasonable price.

At the end of our conversation about ” hot springs ” , he taught me there is a good hotel which also has a natural sulfer hot spring in California.
He said he returns to stay there when he goes back to the United States.

I checked the website of the hotel, Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort.


It seems really gorgeous !
I never thought there was such a good hot spring resort in the United States.

If I had the chance to visit California, I would love to stay at this hotel !

Do you have nice hot spring resorts in your country ?