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MAUNA LOA, macadamias from Hawaii !

She is from Hawaii !
Her friend has stayed with us before, so she was recommended to stay here 🙂

She gave us a souvenir from Hawaii, MAUNA LOA’s macadamias.
It’s first time to have one coated with chocolate. Oh… This is so delicious that I can’t stop eating !!!

Mahalo nui loa 😀
See you next time !





Mahalo :)

We had a students group from Hawaii !
They were so polite and friendly. They all looked enjoying their stay here.

We got a surprise when they check out. They started singing Hawaiian song for us !!
The melody was so beautiful. Although I could not understand Hawaiian language, I could catch the ward “Mahalo” which means thank you in the song 🙂 I was so touched listening to their singing.

Arigato !
See you next time … !!

Hawaiian student