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Merci beaucoup!

The guests from France 😀 They were very kind and their smile made me happy! They stay in Japan for 1 month and they will go to Hong Kong and other Asia country. Have a nice trip!!

Bonjour 🙂 merci beaucoup pour venir an Japon et Hakone. Je suis très heureuse de vous voir et vos sourires toujours m’encouragent 🙂 je vous remerci. Bon voyage! On va se revoir à Paris. Rumi




A guest from Hong Kong 🙂
She stayed for 6 nights at our guest house. She told us she had visited almost 10 museums in Hakone during her stay ! Sounds exciting.
Thank you for your staying !
多謝你 🙂

当館の近くだけでも、星の王子さまミュージアム、ガラスの森美術館、ラリック美術館、ポーラ美術館、もののふの里美術館 がありますね。




Bicycle rider

香港からのお客様〜鎌倉から自転車でご来館(*^^*)とてもさわやかで感じのいい2人組でした。また来て下さいね( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The guests from Hong Kong and they came here by bicycle from Kamakura! It’s very hard to go up to here by bicycle… You are very strong 🙂 Someday, please come again!! (by bus ?!) Rumi


Bon anniversaire!!!

The nice family coming from France, are traveling Japan, Beijin, Hong kong, Tahiti, Australia and US for 2months in total. That day was the youngest little lady’s 5th birthday so we presented a birthday card and some small gifts to her. She was so happy with our gift and she kissed on our cheek! We are looking forward to seeing you again someday! Bon voyage!

大きくなったらまた日本に来てねー!Bon voyage!

端午節快樂!Happy holidays of Double Fifth festival


It’s Double Fifth festival ( also called Dragon boat festival ) in China. That’s why we have much more Chinese guests than usual in these days !
They are from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hong Kong.
Talking to them is really good practice for my Chinese skill. Thank you so much 🙂

Hope everybody would enjoy their trip in Japan !!

About Double Fifth festival in English in the following link

Thank you, Mandy san !

Thank you so much for such a beautiful gifts !
Those are from the repeat guest, Mandy san. She have stayed with us so many times, so we feel like she is our family 🙂
We enjoyed cookies and sweets from Hong Kong. Also we’re in great delight for our Guest House’s name in dragon phoenix calligraphy !! So beautiful !


Thank you for visiting us again !

A repeat guest from Hong Kong, she had stayed at our guest house many times ! She gave us lots of souvenirs 🙂 Thank you so much, we love all of them !