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Spring is coming!

It’s getting warmer day by day, and spring is just around the corner!!
Finally, the cherry blossom started blooming!
Thanks to our hot-spring, we are blooming with health, too:) 
In our guest house, you can enjoy the cherry blossom while you are taking  the outdoor hot-spring bath!
If you have a chance, please stay
with us and enjoy the cherry blossms!!
We also have a private use hot spring for one day trip visitors! You can get more of detailed information on our web site!

◎Web site

If you have any question or would like to make a reservation, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone as below.

◎Tel:0460-84-6577 ( Int’l 81-46084-6577 )
◎Reservation form for staying


◎TEL 0460-84-6577



她们最后说“明年有机会的话再来箱根” !如果再来的话下次也请呆在我们宾馆吧:)

During long vacation of Chinese new year, 3 Chinese guests came to our guest house:)
They love Japanese hot-spring!
And they enjoyed Kyoto and Tokyo, after Hakone!
In the next Chinese New Year as well, please come here again!
We staff are looking forward to your coming 🙂



Merci beaucoup!

Bonjour 😀
Nous étions très heureux que beaucoup de français sont venus au Japon et Hakone, chez nous en octobre grâce aux vacances automne !

Merci beaucoup à tous! Nous sommes passés le temps très agréable avec vous 😀 À la prochaine fois.
On vous remercie.

The guests from France 😀
We had a lot of French family, French couples &friends in October!
We are very happy that you seemed enjoy our Japanese style family inn & Onsen (hot spring) !
Someday please come again 🙂






Merci beaucoup!

The guests from Montreal, Canada 😀
It’s first time for them to come to Japan and they seemed to be very excited about Japanese style room (tatami), Yukata, Hot spring (Onsen) and Nature in Hakone.
We also very happy to hear that you love Japan!! 😉
Personally, I’m very interested in Montreal and Qubec! I hope to see you again in Canada! (I will put on your bracelet of Canada!)
Have a nice trip 😀
Bon voyage 😀






The guests came from China part 2 😀
They were also cute and polite. (Their clothes were also cute, It looked good.)
We are very happy to see you 😀
Please come again!

We hope that many guests come from many different countries can enjoy Japanese family style atmosphere and good hot spring 🙂




The guests with family

Hello! How are you?!
Did you enjoy Japan?
Merci beaucoup for staying with us!
We are very happy to see you 🙂 (notamment je suis très contente) and we hope to see you again next year ? To climbing Mt. Fuji !! Bonne journée et Bisous.

We have many guests who come here with the family 🙂
Since we are family style Japanese inn,
You can stay here like your home.
And we have good natural hot springs (Onsen) come from Owakudani (volcanic area), it’s very good for your health & beauty.

Usually, Onsen is communal style in Japan, but you can use it privately with your family here 🙂
If you have Tatoo, it’s no problem.
Why don’t you make a good memory at Hakone, in our Guest House 😀


“Hot springs” talks with an American guest

Today I enjoyed talking to an American guest who lives in Japan.
It was the second time for him to stay at the hotel I work in, he told me he really liked our place, especially the “hot spring”.
He is a big fan of the hot springs in Japan, having ever tried many hot springs so far.
He loved our hot spring because it is a natural sulfer spring and a turbid hot spring.
He talked to me about how great and how comfortable it was.
I also told him how valuable it is to enjoy such a good hot spring privately at a reasonable price.

At the end of our conversation about ” hot springs ” , he taught me there is a good hotel which also has a natural sulfer hot spring in California.
He said he returns to stay there when he goes back to the United States.

I checked the website of the hotel, Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort.


It seems really gorgeous !
I never thought there was such a good hot spring resort in the United States.

If I had the chance to visit California, I would love to stay at this hotel !

Do you have nice hot spring resorts in your country ?