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Aussie Ninja and Kimono princess : )

Wonderful families from Australia stayed with us for 2 nights.

Two young ladies enjoyed wearing Ninja costume and Kimono together with baby Ninja! 

They also enjoyed playing Kendama. It was so fun! 

Baby ninja is looking forward to seeing you all again!!





Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Grazie! Arigatou!!

A mother and son from Brussels stayed with us for 2 nights. Mother can speak English, French, Spanish and Italian! So smart! The son studies Japanese by himself. His Japanease is very polite.

Mother wore a Kimono and Irouchikake (Japanese wedding dress). It was so beautiful!

Unfortunately, they could not see Mt.Fuji while staying here, but next time for sure! Winter is the best season to see Mt.Fuji! Please come back again!



Beautiful !

We have a Koto night 1 or 2 times per month 🙂 Koto is one of Japanese instrument like harp, one Japanese lady “Tsunemi” play it.
If you are lucky, you can wear Kimono after enjoying Koto.

Today, 2 guests from Germany tried to wear it 😀 They are very beautiful!! So we took many pictures 🙂 we had a good time!

*Since Tsunemi is busy, we are sorry that we cannot tell you in advance when it will be held.