Mt.Fuji Climbing -July and August –

If you plan to climb Mt.Fuji, you can go to Subashiri trail from our Guest House as following.

Fuji-Hakone Guest house
↓ 20 minutes by bus
Gotemba station
↓ 1 hour by bus
Subashiri trail 5th station

Climbing season of Mt.Fuji is only July and August of the year.

We strongly recommend that you should be well-planned and well-prepared such as proper shoes, clothes, and so on when climbing Mt.Fuji. It is not easy, it is sometimes dangerous depend on weather conditions.

Please buy or prepare things for climbing Mt.Fuji before coming to Hakone since there are not enough shops to prepare them in Hakone area.
Please look at these websites which mention detailed information of climbing Mt.Fuji before you make a plan.

Climbing Mount Fuji:

Mount Fuji: Subashiri 5th Station (Subashiri Trail):

Good luck for your climbing !

Mt.Fuji clilmbing